During the wellness consultation, it is our goal to take a detailed overview of your current health and provide you with years of researched solutions to your health issues to get you to the optimal health.  If you are tired of the merry-go-round, and ready to make a serious effort to work on your health, I am here to assist you to make the correct choices for your transformation lifestyle.  

   This one hour wellness consultation will help you get started and guide you in the right direction for your health concerns. This consultation will also cover:

  • Physiology of the Body

  • Wellness Goals

  • Exercise Habits  

  • Stress Relief

  • Level of Commitment 

  • Healthy Lifestyle 

  • Weight Management Program

  Plus-Read our FREE E-book on every SKIN disorder CLICK HERE For the past 30 years, David’s passion has been to improve health naturally, studying physiology and alternative health care and prevention with a relentless pursuit. In 2001 he began a research and development center “Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc., Inc., where he has made his mark in the supreme make over market without invasive surgery. David has founded the “Face-lift without the knife” and a weight management concept that is at the cutting edge of Science. David is a Bio-Identical Hormone replacement therapy specialist who has studied with the doctor who discovered that women cycle from their first period until they die. David has been fortunate to help many people to get off of their drug regimens and improve the quality of their health and longevity. 

Remember, health is a Choice and feeling good is your option, so call today and schedule your individualized wellness consultation tailored to your specific health concerns.

Note: A cancellation fee will be applied if we are not notified 24-hours in advance of the scheduled appointment.

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   Did you know that the health of your large intestine is reflected in the health of your skin? Your large intestine and skin are organs that interact with the environment. They both absorb and emit chemicals, water, and other metabolic products. The large intestine is the body’s largest internal organ; its purpose is to absorb food, nutrients and water. The function of the skin is to hold not only all of your other organs, tissues, capillaries and muscles in place, but also to allow your body to breathe. It is a respiration organ it both inhales and exhales.

This FREE E-BOOK is what you need to get your Gut back to WELLNESS again.