Rejuvenis OSH Silver 2-Oz Bottle

Silver in a colloidal state is a controversial substance both for the germicidal claims made for it and because of a unique side effect, the ability to turn the skin blue or gray, a condition called argyria. Argyria is not known to be harmful but it is cosmetically undesirable and certainly; the man who made it famous was a bright blue before he died at a young age.  Our Rejuvenis OSH ionic Silver does not produce this side effect.

Silver is found in ionic, colloidal and protein-bound forms. A quick search of the Internet will reveal contesting claims about which is better but most of the contention revolves around the colloidal variety and here is one of the best reasons not to use Colloidal Silver: Click on the link below:

Paul Karason – Cosmetic Argyria

The skin turns “blue”

There is no doubt that or Rejuvenis OSH silver kills germs, hundreds of different varieties, as some medical pharmaceutical antibiotics but without the side effects of the drugs. Silver’s usefulness, if you select the proper type of Silver that being Rejuvenis Oligodynamic (OSH), the others are subject of contention.

All of the studies saw a particular interest in Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol (OSH) advancement over colloidal silver, similar to an antioxidant scavenging free radicals, OSH silver robs electrons from potentially damaging virus and bacteria cells and renders them harmless.

Oligodynamic (OSH) means powerful in small quantities due to its purity. A hydrosol is a solution, which contains only ions of a particular charge. This is important because it is the silver ion, negatively charged (Ag-) that does the job. The killing ability of silver against bacteria, viruses, and parasites is directly proportional to the amount of this ion present. Particle size, concentration and charge are the three parameters of silver effectiveness and our OSH has all three.

NASA did tests and found that the large partial Silver (symbol Ag-) in concentrations of 50 ppb (parts per billion) were highly effective after 4 hours or less at killing virus and bacteria and that large particle Silver concentrations of 25 ppb (parts per billion) were highly effective in 2 hours or less. Our highly refined Rejuvenis OSH Silver with extremely small particle size at 23 PPM (parts per million) reduces the necessary exposure to minutes.

Rejuvenis ionic OSH Silver is an ultra pure solution containing nothing but pure water and silver ions. This gives it an advantage in two ways. It increases particle charge and concentration and it avoids impurities or large clusters of silver that can lodge in the skin and cause argyria. You could take OSH at 8 teaspoonfuls daily for 70 years and still not get an adverse skin bluing reaction. You and your family may find yourselves adequately protected from a number of serious infections and invading virus and you can keep them safe by always have in home Rejuvenis OSH Silver.

Silver proteins and colloids have up to 16.8% Ag- while OSH has 95%. The picoscalar particle size is also smaller allowing greater coverage of intended targets.

Anecdotal evidence is also impressive with cured people, e.g. Listen to this radio program;

If it kills cancer and it is speculative at this time. One theory has it that virtually all-pathogenic microorganisms cause cancers.

We are certain we will not come between you and your doctor, but we do believe that you do not want anyone, including the federal government making your choices for you. We provide the science and information and products, but you decide; always remember that “Choice Matters”.

What is it?

Silver is a trace mineral. Ours is Rejuvenis Oligodynamic “OSH” or, as referred to herein as just (OSH).

What does it do?

Silver in a colloidal state  is a controversial substance both for the germicidal claims made for it and because of a unique side effect, the ability to turn the skin blue or gray, a condition called argyria. Argyria is not harmful but it is cosmetically undesirable and certainly, our Rejuvenis OSH ionic Silver does not have this or any other side effects.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. Food supplements are not intended to diagnose, cure or mitigate disease.

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