Kangen Vs. Tyent Comparison


See Fluoride Dangers in Water

The ACE-11 “HAS A LIFETIME WARRANTY” Extreme Water Ionizer from Tyent USA is the best counter top water ionizer in the industry. The “11” in the product name stands for 11 titanium plates dipped multiple times in platinum. It is environmentally friendly in that it produces 40% less waste water than the more common 7-plate or 9-plate water ionizers.

The ACE-11 Extreme Water Ionizer is fully adjustable with 55 preset power settings. It has dual filters that provide Ultra filtration of .01 microns to ensure your water is the best alkaline water quality possible.

Although it sits on the counter, it takes up only a small amount of space. With its stainless steel exterior and digital LCD touch screen, it looks good too.