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You will NEVER look at WATER the same way again. This will change how you think about drinking water FOREVER…… “Free Water Testing in Tamarac, Florida and Margate, Florida. The water you drink is TOXIC and we can prove it to you. Bring it in to us and we will test it for free and if your water is not acidic or just refer to us 3 people you know and we will give you 5 gallons of free alkaline water. Regardless, once you see how unhealthy the bottled water you drink really is and how it affects the body in a toxic way, you will change the way you think about drinking water forever. Why, test your water now? Simply put, dehydration.

SHOCKING…….Did you know that the leading cause of death is dehydration? Yes, you can drink gallons of water per day and still may die of dehydration, if you are consuming Reverse Osmosis water and what we term as”Dead Water.” Dead because the process of reverse osmosis removes all of the minerals that the body requires, sodium, magnesium potassium, and chloride. Do you remember your basic chemistry class and the process of osmosis? Osmosis is the movement of liquid through a semi- permeable membrane into an area of higher solute concentration, in order to equalize the concentration of the liquid on both sides. That being stated, imagine the Zero (0) concentration of mineral solution entering the body and reaching the cells which are full of minerals. The expected happens, the minerals inside of the cells will be pulled out of the cells and into the intracellular space, hence playing havoc on the body chemistry and can ultimately lead to dehydration.


Find out why you should consume alkaline water, read this is free fact filled information that will absolutely shock you. Cancer cannot exist in a high alkaline environment. You must test the water you drink NOW, for your family’s health. What you don’t know will kill you. DRINK IONIZED WATER from our “Aging Younger” water ionizer! Order an “Aging Younger” water ionizer by email – OR by Phone: 954-742-4430
Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc., Inc.

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