Detoxify Your Body with EDTA

EDTA chelation therapy suppositories can produce great health benefits reversing toxicity and improving blood pressure and more. We must start with a Hair Forensic Analysis

It is commonly known that a Doctor named Linus Pauling, one of the most respected Biochemists of the 20th century, wrote : “For more than twenty years, I have devoted most of my time to research and education in the fields of nutrition and preventive medicine. I have written and lectured extensively about simple, safe and inexpensive measures to improve the length and quality of life. In my recent book, How to Live Longer and Feel Better, I covered that subject at length. EDTA chelation therapy fits in well with my views on health care.” “EDTA ethylene diamine tetracidic acid is not normally present in the human body and is therefore, by definition, not an orthomolecular substance. Chelation, however, is far safer and much less expensive than surgical treatments for atherosclerosis. Many physicians adhere to the protocol for safe and effective administration of suppository EDTA, verses intravenous EDTA that is proven unsafe.” EDTA (without calcium) suppositories can produce great health benefits and have been reported to have many positive effects which include: • Reduction of cholesterol deposits • Reduction of blood cholesterol levels • Lowering high blood pressure • Avoiding by-pass surgery • Avoiding angioplasty • Reversing digitalis toxicity • Speeding of calcium removal from atherosclerotic plaques Experts have shown that • Dissolve intra-arterial blood clots almost every health problem, • Normalize cardiac arrhythmias from learning disorders to • Having an anti-aging effect cancer and heart disease, is • Reduction of excessive heart contractions • Increase intracellular potassium aggravated by the • Reduction of heart irritability approximately 1,000 fold • Improve heart function increase in levels of lead in our • Remove mineral and drug deposits bones. In 1999, it was reliably • Dissolve kidney stones reported that hearts with some • Reduction of serum iron levels • Reduction of heart valve calcification form of disease had 20,000 • Reduction of varicose veins times more toxic heavy metals • Healing calcified necrotic ulcers than healthy hearts. • Reduction of intermittent claudication (lower leg cramping) • Improve vision in diabetic retinopathy • Decrease macular degeneration • Dissolves small cataracts • Eliminates heavy metal toxicity • Increase flexibility of arterial walls • Prevent osteoarthritis • Reduction of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms • Lower diabetics insulin needs • Reduction of Alzheimer-like symptoms • Reverse senility • Reduction of stroke/heart attack after-effects • Reduce the likelihood of some forms of cancer • Improve memory • Reduction of diabetic gangrene • Restore impaired vision

What Detoxification is about. Detoxify the body