Aging Younger Tyent MMP 9090 Ionizer has 9-plates dual filters, Hydrates best because the water has a smaller molecule water cluster helps penetrate your cells.

Kangen Vs. Tyent Comparison


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Aging Younger Alkaline Water tastes light and delicious, plus offers these AMAZING BENEFITS:

  • Hydrates better because the water has a smaller molecule count cluster size. During the Aging Younger ionization process, the water is broken down and separated, the positively charged techno-trash is diverted back into the sink drain and the negatively charged electrolytes (that all human life depend on) are pumped out the top of the machine through the flexible stainless steel tube for drinking. This splitting of the water produces a much smaller form of pure negatively charged electrolytes, which helps penetrate your positively charged cells faster and easier, like the opposite ends of a magnet, therefore fully quenching your thirst and hydrating every cell in  your body.
  • Contains anti-aging properties and offers immune support because it has measurable antioxidants (known as negative oxidation reduction potential or -ORP). You have most likely heard of the term “antioxidant” in the past, but did you know that you can obtain antioxidants from our Aging Younger Water? Our water has a healthy negative ionic charge, which produces an alkaline state in the body, which helps fight free radical damage.
  • The support for healthy alkalinity in the body is because it has pH-enhancing technology to help fight acidosis caused by many things in life, such as stress, UV rays, acidic junk foods and various other causes.
  • Pure, filtered and ionized water you can feel good about drinking because every unit offers advanced filtration with two filters, one charcoal and one silver for maximum purity.
  • Supports better sleep, increased energy levels and improved concentration because it is negatively charged and oxygen-packed. Drinking this “Alkaline Water” supplies an abundance of oxygen to your cells, which means you’ll feel well-rested during the day and maintain a greater ability to focus.

The Aging Younger TURBO Function allows users to create strongly alkaline or strongly acidic water, and that acidic water should be used for cleaning, sterilizing foods and balancing the pH of your skin after it is cleansed and for disinfecting.

The  Aging Younger MMP-9090 Water Ionizer produces pH levels from the lowest acidic levels to the highest alkaline levels available in the industry today.

blank Touch-type automatic water supply with seven-color back lights
Easy to use product with a coated touch panel interface with all function selections displayed with icons
blank Voice guided service
Warning voice ensures your convenience and easy use of the product with clear explanations of various functions

blank Anti-virus system of the electrolytic tank
Controls the propagation of micro-organisms and keeps your ionizer in optimal condition through its automatic cleaning function
blank Automatic control with built-in CPU chips
Automatically finds and controls the optimal operating condition using flow rates and water quality

blank Nine Solid/Mesh Hybrid medical grade plates
The core of the Aging Younger ionizer is the electrodes. Our Solid/Mesh Hybrid Medical grade, nine strengthened titanium plates—dipped multiple times in platinum will extend the life span of your ionizer and heighten the ratio of generating hydrogen
blankPhi water type purifying filters
The high performance primary filter and functional secondary filter enable the optimal purifying condition for your tap water